Hadoop in China 2010 会议日程

Morning Sessions(二层艺术中心)
8:30 – 9:00 签到&注册
9:00 – 9:10 欢迎辞,中科院计算所
9:10 – 9:50 Hadoop and The Future of Internet Scale Cloud Computing, Todd Papaioannou, Yahoo!
9:50 – 10:30 海量数据处理的机遇与挑战,程学旗,中科院计算所
10:30 – 11:00 Break,云计算成果展示
11:00 – 11:40 Hadoop Ecosystem is the Key for Developing Cloud Computing Services,黄晓庆(Bill Huang),China Mobile Research Institute
12:00 – 13:00 午餐(二层西餐厅、六层阳光厅)
Afternoon Sessions
Hadoop Development Community
(30mins/报告,分会场主席: 王守彦,二层活动教室)
13:00~13:30 Introduction to Hadoop C++ Extension and new TaskScheduler, 肖康(Kang Xiao),Baidu
13:30~14:00 Hadoop Usage At Yahoo!,Milind A Bhandarkar,Hadoop Solutions Architect, Yahoo!
14:00~14:30 Hadoop development at Facebook,Scott Chen, Software Engineer,Facebook
14:30~15:00 Break
15:00~15:30 HA Enhancement of Hadoop NameNode,邱杰(Jie Qiu),IBM CRL
15:30~16:00 A Brief Introduction of IBM's Work Around Hadoop,王远洪(Yuanhong Wang),IBM CDL
16:00~16:30 HiTune: A Dataflow-Based Performance Analyzer for Hadoop, 戴金权(Jason Dai), ICSC, Intel Inc.
Applications on Hadoop (30mins/报告,二层艺术中心)
13:00~13:30 Data Freeway - Large-scale near real-time log collection system at Facebook,Guanghao Shen, Zheng Shao,Software Engineer,Facebook
13:30~14:00 淘宝分布式数据处理实践,周敏,淘宝
 14:00~14:30 基于Hadoop的搜索引擎,张刚,中科院计算所
14:30~15:00 Break
 15:00~15:30 HugeTable:Application-Oriented Structure Data Storage System,钱岭(Ling Qian), China Mobile Research Institute
 15:30~16:00 FlexDB on vCloud,常雷(Lei Chang) and 堵俊平(Junping Du),EMC/VMware
16:00~16:30 基于Hadoop的海量文本处理系统,朱鸿宇,江南计算所
Cloud Computing Research
(30mins/报告,分会场主席: 熊劲,三层活动教室)
13:00~13:30 Adaptive and Scalable Metadata Management to Support A Trillion Files,邢晶(Jing Xing),中科院计算所(ICT,CAS)
 13:30~14:00 Introduction to DISQL,陈晓鸣(Xiaoming Chen),Baidu
14:00~14:30 Security issues in Cloud Storage Research Area, 武永卫(Yongwei Wu),Tsinghua
14:30~15:00 Break
15:00~15:30 Performance, Utilization and Power Characterization of Hadoop Clusters using HiBench, 戴金权(Jason Dai), ICSC, Intel Inc.
15:30~16:00 Cloud Data Management: Comprehension, Benchmark, and Practice, 柴云鹏(Yunpeng Chai),RUC
 16:00~16:30 CCIndex: a Complemental Clustering Index on HBase,刘佳(Jia Liu),ICT
Hadoop Tutorial (20mins/报告;50mins/培训,分会场主席: 罗治国,四层芙蓉月)
13:00~13:20 演讲1:Hadoop development at China Mobile, Xu Wang, China Mobile Research Institute
13:20~14:10 培训1:Hadoop/MapReduce Application development, Leitao Guo, China Mobile Research Institute
14:10~14:30 演讲2:Hive development at Facebook, 何永强(Yongqiang He), Software Engineer, Facebook
14:30~14:50 Break
14:50~15:40 培训2:Hugetable development and application, Ji Qi, China Mobile Research Institute
15:40~16:30 培训3:BC-PDM: MapReduce based parallel data mining tool development and application, Chao Deng, China Mobile Research Institute
Panel Discussion(二层艺术中心)
16:30~17:00  主题: Hadoop与中国云计算开源展望,Panel主席: 韩轶平
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